AngelList acquires Product Hunt Edit this post

We’re damn excited to announce that we’ve acquired Product Hunt. Product Hunt is the place to discover your next favorite thing. Every day, its global community finds the latest, most interesting products. It’s simply a must-read in technology. Why we’re joining... Read more

AngelList acquires Product Hunt

Listen to Naval announce our 46% returns and A-List Edit this post

Some weekend listening for you. Our founder and CEO, Naval Ravikant discusses our recent announcements. Also on iTunes and Soundcloud He covers our 46% unrealized returns, the new Access Fund for retail investors and A-List, our premium recruiting product for busy companies. It's a whopper.... Read more

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Announcing 46% returns for syndicates Edit this post

Today, we're announcing the unrealized return for all 2013 syndicate investments is a 46% IRR and 2.4x multiple. Learn more. These returns are in the upper top quartile of 2013 VC and PE funds, according to Cambridge Associates, the industry standard for measuring VC... Read more

Announcing 46% returns for syndicates
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A-List: Premium recruiting for busy companies Edit this post

Today we’re announcing A-List, premium recruiting for busy companies. It's ideal for tech companies that want to scale quickly and have the budget to do it. A-List features: Only the best candidates. Humans and algorithms work together to find the top 1% of candidates... Read more

A-List: Premium recruiting for busy companies
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Hackathon: Tools Edit this post

(Read about the Hackathon here.) This one is by Kyan Pardiwalla and it’s called Tools. It’s a set of 2 widgets for startup founders. The Launching Soon widget allows companies that haven’t launched yet to gather users. It also... Read more

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